Alarm Systems

Camera PIR Sensors

VST-852SL is a PIR motion sensor combined with a high-quality VGA color camera that works with a security system to provide visual verification and remote look-ins. This day/night surveillance camera sends three images to monitoring personnel and the user upon an alarm event and one image on request. VST-852SL features long battery life of more than four years.

Adopting ZigBee HA 1.2 protocol, VST-852 Ultra, the new generation PIR motion sensor camera, brings extensive communication range and premium quality color VGA (640 x 480 pixels) alarm images. Within the ZigBee network, multiple routers can be placed between VST-852 Ultra and the control panel to ensure long communication range. Moreover, VST-852 Ultra offers three options for alarm image processing.

VST-873QF is a motion sensor QCIF color video camera that enables monitoring personnel and the user to remotely view live videos of alarm activities occurring on protected premises. This day/night surveillance video camera captures and sends a 10-sec video clip to you upon an alarm event for visual verification. It also records videos for remote look-ins on request.