Alarm Systems


SRV-23B is a multifunctional AC-powered indoor siren and doorbell chime with rechargeable backup battery. With built-in speaker, SRV-23B is able to emit doorbell chimes, entry/exit beeps, sound an alarm to attract attention, and play voice prompt messages to notify users of current system status, matching all your alerting needs. With backup battery, SRV-23B will keep working even when the power is out.

The easy setup of AC-powered indoor siren SRAC-23 requires nothing more than plugging the device into an electrical outlet. With a siren output of 95dB, SRAC-23 also emits entry/exit delay beeps as reminders to security system users. The siren has a rechargeable battery backup.

SR-32 is a battery-operated wireless indoor siren, generating a loud 104-decibel siren to alert users to possible intruders, emergencies, and safety incidents. The multi-functional indoor siren can work with the control panel to emit entry and exit delay beeps. The SR-32 generates unique alarm sounds for fire and burglary to audibly inform the user of the type of danger at hand.

SR-15 is battery-powered wireless indoor siren. With a siren output level of 102dB at 1 meter, SR-15 activates different alarm sounds for fire and intrusion to audibly inform the users of the type of danger at hand.

SR-7 and SR-8 are battery-operated indoor sirens with battery life up to three years. The sound output is 104dB at 1 meter.

BX-32 is a battery-operated outdoor siren that is designed to be fitted in the front of the property in a highly visible position, providing a permanent visual deterrent to intruders. It features both visible and audible alerts for possible intruders, emergencies and safety incidents.

BX-29 is a wireless outdoor sounder with voice prompts to provide visible and audible alarm alerts. During an alarm, the BX-29 generates a loud 110 dB siren sounds and flashing strobe lights to warn off possible intruders, and notify of emergencies and safety incidents.

BX-23 series Bell Box is a wireless, bi-directional outdoor sounder generating loud 107-decibel siren sounds and strobe lights during an alarm to provide visible and audible alerts. The bell box can either be powered by an AC adaptor or battery-operated.

BX-15 is a battery-operated outdoor bell box that deters potential intruders and alerts you to emergencies with loud 102dB siren sound and high-powered strobe light. Enclosed in an IP44 waterproof housing, this series of wireless bell box generates different alarm sounds for fire and burglary to instantly inform users of the type of danger at hand.

BX-7 and BX-8 are battery-operated outdoor bell boxes with battery life up to three years. BX-8 also works as a security alarm with the capability to integrate 10 devices. When one of its sensors is triggered, BX-8 will activate its siren and strobe lights. The sound output is 104dB at 1 meter.