Alarm Systems

Smoke Detectors

Multi-functional wireless smart smoke detector with powerful functions, the SD-29 series is designed to protect your family against potential fire hazards, and build a more comfortable lifestyle. This series was crafted from the belief that sensor should have multiple functions and abilities, thus a unique feature of SD-29 is the optional built-in PIR motion sensor, heat sensor, and/or emergency light. With its small and streamlined design, it will be a seamless addition to your home décor and give you a peace of mind.

Climax’s ACGS-3-SM is a multi-functional Acoustic Glassbreak sensor and Fire Alarm Audio Detector. This wireless sensor will alert home owners when a glass window or door is being smashed or broken; and alert users when existing UL smoke detectors goes off. Be aware and informed against potential fire hazards and break-ins, even when users are not home.

The SDCO-1 Series has a loud 85dB siren for audio notification and warning. With auto-calibration, this combo detector automatically re-adjusts its detection threshold value according to changes in the environment. It also has self-diagnostics function to monitor device status and ensure optimal performance. In addition, the SDCO-1 Series features several optional functions, including rate-of-rise heat detection and serial connection capability. Most importantly, it will continue to work even during a power outage. 

The Mini-SD Series is a mini-sized wireless smoke detector designed to protect your family against potential fire hazards. This series utilizes reflective photoelectric sensor to detect harmful smoke particles from any source.

Wireless smoke detector, SD-8, is a reflective photoelectric sensor that detects smoke from any source, especially smoldering fires, protecting your premises against potential fire hazards.

Smoke Detector SD-8EL is low profile and small in size. It utilizes the latest Optical Chamber technology to detect potentially harmful smoke particles. It is micro-process controlled with 100% Reliability. SD-8EL provides you the best safety and quality you can ever get agaist potential fire hazard.

SD-16 is the new generation photoelectronic smoke detector utilizing the latest optical sensing chamber and advanced microprocessor to deliver optimum performance.