Smart Home Alarm System


The VST-1905 Series offers converters that switch PSTN alarms adopting Contact ID protocol to IP/GSM/3G networks and convert PSTN CID into SIA/CID protocol. This series is linked to Home Portal Server for users to view events online and can work with the ARS software for central stations to receive readily converted alarm data. Each model has three inputs as normally open/closed contacts to send alarms over IP/GSM/3G.

The VST-1908 Series provides converters that adapt any PSTN alarms using the Contact ID protocol for IP- or cellular-based central stations, converting PSTN CID into DTMF CID or SIA/CID protocol. The VST-1908’s virtual voice channel preserves the existing two-way communication between the host PSTN panel and monitoring centers. This converter series works with the ARS software to deliver readily converted alarm reports to central stations.