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Professional Alarm Systems:CTC-1735

CTC-1735 is a PSTN and IP alarm featuring easy installation, 24-hour surveillance via IP cameras and remote programming and control.

24-Hour Surveillance via IP Cameras

CTC-1735 can integrate up to eight wired/wireless IP cameras to capture images covering the 5-second pre-alarm and 5-second post-alarm periods.

Twenty Zones

CTC-1735 offers 20 zones. Each zone can be individually named and edited for quick recognition.

Remote Programming and Control

CTC-1735 can be remotely programmed, controlled and upgraded via the internet.

Options for Arming

The panel’s options for arming include “fully armed” and “home armed.”


  • Reporting paths: PSTN and IP
  • 20 wireless zones
  • Options for arming include “fully armed” and “home armed”
  • UPnP device
  • Automatic configuration of router settings offers easier access to WebGUI from an external site
  • Polling function included
  • Can be remotely programmed and controlled via an internet browser or M2M polling
  • Remote upgrades via the internet
  • Options of a DHCP (dynamic) or static IP address
  • Simple DDNS setup
  • Each zone can be individually named and edited for quick recognition
  • Full system supervision
  • 30 event logs
  • Jamming detection

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