Smart Home Alarm System



CTC-729 is a battery-operated PSTN voice dialer with a LCD display and a 16-button keypad serving with local alarm CTC-902 or CTC-1110 to provide two-way voice communication. CTC-729 can store six numbers for voice reporting and five pre- recorded messages. It has one normally open/closed input for connection to one wired device.


  • Voice reporting
  • Reports alarms over PSTN
  • Battery-powered panel with battery life expectancy of more than two years in a normal operational environment
  • Compatible with local alarms CTC-902 and CTC-1110
  • 16-button backlit keypad
  • LCD display
  • Six reporting numbers
  • Four alarm messages and one common message can be recorded
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Remotely controllable via DTMF commands
  • Built-in transmitter to silence a siren during two-way voice communication
  • Adapter used as an optional plug-in power supply
  • One normally open/closed input for connection to one wired device

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