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The HMGW-MAX is an IP-based alarm system with RF, ZigBee, Z-Wave and optional Wi-Fi capabilities, one of the world’s most versatile and powerful smart home solutions designed to bring all-around convenience, comfort and safety to your life.

The HMGW-MAX Series provides comprehensive smart home services, including remote control, home security, live visual monitoring, home automation, energy management and emergency monitoring.

Easy Management

The HMGW-MAX has 160 zones (2 areas) that can be controlled via Climax’s Home Portal Server or the Vesta Home App on a smartphone.

Live Visual Monitoring

The HMGW-MAX can integrate IP cameras and camera PIR sensors to deliver live visual monitoring and visual verification.

Alarm Reporting

The IP-based HMGW reports alarm events in CID/SIA formats and sends videos and images via email/FTP over IP.

Built-in Siren

The HMGW-MAX features a built-in siren to blare out immediate warning when emergencies occur. It can also incorporate additional indoor and outdoor sirens to establish a powerful early warning system.

Three “Home Armed” Modes

When the user is at home, the HMGW’s three “home armed” modes provide flexible levels of protection to both safeguard the house and allow the user to move around without triggering an alarm.

F1 Technology, ZigBee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi

  • F1 technology supports unprecedented radio frequency (RF) communication range of 2 kilometers
  • Supports ZigBee and/or Z-Wave devices
  • Optional Wi-Fi capabilities


  • Reporting path: IP
  • Two areas and 160 wireless zones
  • Alarm reporting formats include modified CID/SIA reporting over IP and visual reporting
  • Supports RF, ZigBee and Z-Wave sensors
  • Home automation functionalities automatically run home appliances according to custom scenes, schedules, and rules
  • Compatible with up to 6 IP cameras and 6 PIR cameras / PIR video cameras for visual verification and real-time monitoring
  • 24-hour emergency monitoring
  • Built-in siren
  • System services controllable via the Vesta Home App on a mobile device
  • Optional Wi-Fi capability
  • Easy web and app programming
  • Remote firmware updates to acquire the latest features
  • Three “home armed” modes offer flexible security levels for the protected premises
  • Event log: 500
  • Compliance listings: CE (R&TTE Directive)/EN 300220-1&2/EN 300328/EN 301489-1&3&17/EN 60950-1/EN 62311

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Model Name
IP Gateway with built-in ZigBee module
IP Gateway with built-in Z-Wave module
IP Gateway with built-in F1 RF and ZigBee module
IP Gateway with built-in F1 RF and ZigBee module
IP Gateway with built-in F1 RF and ZigBee module, and 12V power supply
IP Gateway with built-in ZigBee and Z-Wave module