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Professional Alarm Systems:MR(wall-mounted version)

The MR alarm is one of the F1 Security@2km Series’ control panels that feature 2-km communication range. The MR Series is designed for you to control home security via a mobile app on a smartphone anytime, anywhere. This series makes your life a paradigm of simplicity and brings you peace of mind wherever you go.

Three Models with Different Reporting Paths

The MR Series offers three models with different reporting paths to meet installation requirements:
MR-1: IP panel
MR-3: 3G panel
MR-8: IP and 3G panel

World-Leading 2-Km Communication Range and Superb Reliability

The MR panel’s 2-km RF range and superb reliability allow the installer to set up the alarm system on large or complicated premises with great flexibility.

Mobile App to Control Your Security System

MR panels are connected to Home Portal Server for you to manage your security system via the Vesta Home App or the simpler Vesta EZ Home App on a smartphone. With one of these apps you can remotely operate devices and program system settings.

Forty Zones to Protect Your House

Up to 50 sensors can be installed in 50 zones to prevent damaging incidents such as burglary, intrusion, fires, leaks or floods. Specific security functions can be programmed according to each zone’s attributes.

Flexible Arming Options

Up to four arming modes enable you to arm your house according to different occasions and needs.

Easy Programming and Firmware Updates

MR panels can be configured via Web, app or SMS programming. Firmware updates allow the alarms to acquire the latest features.

Easy Programming and Remote Firmware Updates

You can use web, SMS or app programming to configure MZ, which has remote firmware update capabilities to acquire the latest features.

Eight Destinations of Reporting

MR alarms can store eight reporting numbers for alarms to be sent to monitoring personnel, emergency services, family and friends.

Completely Wire-Free

All sensors communicate with the control panel wirelessly. Installation is quick and easy, ensuring a tidy environment and preserving home décor.


  • 50 zones to support 50 sensors
  • 2-km communication range and superb reliability
  • Alarm reporting formats include DTMF CID reporting over 3G, modified CID/SIA reporting over Ethernet/GPRS and SMS reporting
  • Remotely controllable on a smartphone via the Vesta Home App or the Vesta EZ Home App
  • 3 “home arming” modes to flexibly meet different needs
  • Web, app or SMS programming
  • Three-level access to Web programming for the user, the installer and the technician
  • Firmware updates to acquire the latest features
  • Built-in siren
  • Compliant with EN 50131

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