My GPS Alert is a platform securing seniors’ safety at home or on-the-go through remote control.The platform is designed for receiving alarm events reported from Mobile Lite devices as well as the GPS/Cell Locate coordinates. Caregivers and CMS are allowed to log in registered accounts to check the event report log and location history in Google Map format. Users are able to have peace of mind wherever they are.

GPS Location Tracking

Remote Control



Remote Monitoring

My GPS Alert platform can be accessed via web portal or the app. It can be viewed clearly about current GPS location and GPS location history of the Mobile Lite, all reported alerts and events list. The account information and notification (push, SMS, email) settings can be easily updated by using the user-friendly interface.

For End Users & Backend Users

My GPS Alert platform is available for end users and dealers. The simple and intuitive interface is convenient for family members or the caregivers to remotely manage the Mobile Lite devices, and be aware of the location information of the devices as well. On the other hand, CMS has the backend access with a broad overview to manage and track the reports received from users.


Geofence areas provide virtual protection for seniors from encountering unpredictable dangers. After Geofencing is enabled, when the user leaves the Geofence areas and is detected, Mobile Lite will automatically report this to the report destinations.

Product Documents

Mobile Pro Brochure