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PRS5-ZBS is a ZigBee Power Relay Switch, allowing users to remotely control lights and household electronic appliances from anywhere at any time. As PRS5-ZBS is directly connected to power cables, it comes with embedded terminal wires and splicing connectors to prevent shorts and electrocution during installation. The PRS5-ZBSR can also function as a ZigBee repeater for further extending wireless communication ranges.

PRS5-ZBS’s small and compact profile provides the flexibility in the places of installing, such as wall switch boxes, ceilings or any other location in users’ homes. Integrated with home automation and security systems, PRS5-ZBS offers users a convenient way of controlling home appliances for energy-saving and safety purposes. Instantly turning light on/off remotely, programing customized schedules/scenes, or making it appear like someone is at home, PRS5-ZBS provides users with great assistance of managing their home environments and safety at ease.


  • Allows users to remotely control lights and appliances
  • With embedded terminal wires and splicing connectors to prevent shorts and electrocution
  • Capability to double as a ZigBee repeater (optional)
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update capability
  • Extension terminal for connecting to an external switch
  • LED status indicator
  • Flexible installation in wall switch boxes or ceilings
  • Enable smart home security systems to turn on/off lights according to schedules, scenes, timer settings
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems
  • Function button for manual operation
  • Suitable for home automation and security applications

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ZigBee Relay Power Switch
ZigBee Relay Power Switch with Router function