Climax’s comprehensive smart home security system is a hybrid of security monitoring and smart home automation, designed for users to live smarter, and enhance comfort, security, and convenience.

Climax’s ground-breaking Security@2km Wireless Technology delivers long RF communication range, fast signal transmission and relentless reliability.

Climax’s Smart Home Security Gateways support multiple communication options (IP/Wifi/3G/4G) and multiple protocols (RF/ZigBee/Z-Wave/DECT) allowing installers and users greater flexibility and unlimited expandability.

Climax Gateways working with Home Portal Server is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home products for users to use voice control to arm/disarm their security system and home automation devices.

Smoke/Heat detectors, water/gas sensors, carbon monoxide detectors can be integrated with Climax Gateways to protect family and property from damage caused by fire, water or air toxics; ensuring comprehensive prevention of disasters, warnings, and quick response during emergenices.

Climax Smart Home Security Gateways have integrated VoIP to form an emergency intercom system with clear two-way voice communication and reduce costs.

Climax’s Gateways provides optional senior care services through an emergency intercom system consisting of emergency voice communications, emergency pendants, and panic buttons.

Smart Home Comfort

Climax Gateway’s incorporate ZigBee and Z-Wave home automation devices creates a smarter and safer home, able to adapt to user’s lifestyle habits by usage of customized schedules, scenes, rules and security status or groups; offering all-round comfort, well-being and security.

Energy Management & Savings

Include energy meters and power meter switches to monitor electricity consumption, and Climax Gateway can control temperature levels, automate shades, power off lights remotely or by customized schedule and program the entire home for maximum energy efficiency.

When any irregular motion is detected, PIR Motion Camera will immediately take 1 to 3 images and notify user, allowing users to stay informed at all times.

Security cameras help users keep an eye and ear on their family, pets, and valuables, while also providing video/image alerts for critical moments, remote check-ins, and live streaming videos.

Total Visual Security Monitoring Solution

Create a visual verification and real-time visual monitoring network using Climax Gateway with up to 6 indoor/outdoor security cameras and 6 PIR cameras / PIR video cameras for immediate alerts and notifications day or night, anytime and anywhere.


An all-in-one solution, the Home Portal Server Platform provide remote mobile control, visual verification, live-visual monitoring, alarm notification, advance home automation functions, energy management, and convienant user-friendly interface. The platform can be accessed via web browser or smartphone application, creating an intuitive user experience. Secure the house, manage all devices, and receive notifications anytime,anywhere.